honeywell wv8840a1000 reset

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September 21, 2016

honeywell wv8840a1000 reset

On relighting, I got the dreaded 4 blinks. Ferguson is the #1 US plumbing supply company and a top distributor of HVAC parts, waterworks supplies, and MRO products. After turning the heater off and shutting off the gas to the unit. Now the replacement goes on the fritz. 0903424A. Got a back-up valve for free since mine was under warranty. 4 Blinks will still happen. Tried taking the cover off, unplugging connectors, pushing the pilot button with the connector plugged in, not plugged in, still got nothing. However, I am not going to compare the NEST and Honeywell thermostats here. When it calls for heat the damper opens and the pilot ignites but the main burner will not activate. I tried the other methods to discharge the caps etc… Those Methods did not work. Thanks for the info. )and insert the circuit board back onto the 3 Valve body pins as it normally would be (circuit components showing) without the cover attached. I had the local utility company come check it and the inlet pressure was right on the money. The compatibility of Honeywell thermostats from 7000 series are different as these don’t support voice control. Is there a monthly fee for Apple TV-Does it require a subscription? It’s not the likely culprit, but possible. Dead as a door knob. I then end up on the “Low” setting. In the meantime I figured the shutoff valve to the WH was not working then started to leak! Rather, drain it at a slower rate with a 1K ohm resistor. After spending 51 minutes with Sears customer non-service the problem was resolved within 20 minutes following David’s instructions. The original red light gas valve broke after 2 years. ( P.S. light the pilot and you still get the 7 flashes; however the water heater kicks back on and gets back up to temperature and shuts off as normal and you will see that your light now only flashes 1 time every 3 or 4 seconds. Pull the black clips on the red and white wires straight outwards to unplug them. I took the battery idea and did a minor mod. This is actually minerals and should be drained. by: My light is now white instead of red and the electronic board appears slightly different. They would have to diagnosis the water heater and then order the part, and then come back again to install at an additonal service price. I have a water heater only 13 months old and it is not working. Clearly the valve controller is mis-designed. Here are some of the compatibility of series 2000 Honeywell thermostat. So is there now way to reset the white light model? If you select NO, you will go back to the main menu. The posts are located on the valve unit that remains attached to the heater after you remove the cover. Once you have the pilot lit and the pilot valve on, (faint click can be heard) all that is necessary to open the main valve is to jump (connect) the top left pin to the top right pin. As the days moved on, it continued happening more frequently and each time the red 5-flash error condition persisted longer and longer before resetting itself. Wife called whirlpool Monday. I told them I had four flashes and the serial number. Honeywell Water Heater Gas Valve Wv8840a1000 222 47463 01a Parts Accs Home Garden Le Centre Com ... Honeywell water heater blinking blue light resetting the honeywell gas valve on a water heater tyler tork honeywell water heater blinking blue light honeywell water heater blinking blue light. Bioluminescent Reindeer and the Value of Diversity. Can you believe this crap! I am one of those people who forgets to switch off the thermostat most of the time while going out or in a hurry for the office. Why doesn’t Lowes carry repair parts for the water heaters they sell? my light is not blinking the pilot will light but the burner won’t come on so i called whirlpool; and they said i had on warranty as  we had stated on the warranty that we put it in the bathroom the heater is just now 3 years old,,, so i told her that it was not in the bathroom it was outside and that it had been installed in a shed that got storm damaged so we had to remove the shed and that my husband being 70 had had some medical issues and he had not been able to get the new shed over it but that had put a small cover around it but that wasn’t real worried about the warranty i just want to fix it. Was sent a new one with a bad (stuck) push button sparker. They charged me $30 to ship a new white light control valve and i installed it. $7.55 shipping. I suspect that shorting the posts is the way the Sears tech did it the first time. Nope! In any event, my thanks to all of you who suggested steps to take in this matter. The valve in my heater is a revision C and has a blue status LED for normal. Wish this had been up 2 years ago, when the previous unit failed. as the faint click was heard and the flashing light reappeared, it was now only blinking once! Because gas is involved, problems with gas valves are a major safety concern. Voila! I found the most reliable one is to install the parts without the cover and short the top two pins that go to the pilot light (left) and the main burner (right) and running it for a while. So I changed that out for a 1/4 turn one, much easier. Scroll down and select the RESTORE TO FACTORY DEFAULT” option. If they don’t match the actual wire colors for whatever insane reason, notice which is which. In particular, if you haven’t drained the sediment off the bottom of the tank, do that first. I told her I would, but more I think about it, “F” that! Regardless what I tried, it was still 4 flashes. Quality was very bad. I said BS, send me a new module. YOU are a SUPER GENIUS! the side you see when it the board is in place. my brand new kenmore water heater has a weird smell coming from it, its not really a gas smell ,at least I don’t think it is ,anyways my question is.. Is it supposed to smell the first few days or should I b worried? The pilot (the flame is definitely more than a pilot) does stay on and slowly heats and with the therm set pretty low it will eventually satisfy demand and shut off, and repeat next time it needs heat. A link in your article would have been nice. NEVER AGAIN! Having Problem with battery replacement in Honeywell Thermostats, Check our Complete Guide on Honeywell Thermostat Battery Replacement. There are several types of resets available. they refused to sell me a new control///, i will not buy a whirlpool; any thing again////////////. I took the circuit board completely out of the unit and let it sit for about an hour. What a pile of JUNK!!! Came back and it fired right up. Thanks for the submission. Now, go to the circuit breaker and switch it OFF. The next two times we dealt with it in in a very non-technical way. I had worked on a water heater that was in a flooded basement and had to open up the sealed combustion chamber, remove the burner/pilot/ignitor/thermopile assembly and dry out the ignitor with a hair dryer for about 15 minutes before it was capable of showing a spark again. This last time, that did not work which led me to this posting and Raul’s simple fix. I bought the rheem propane water heater6 months ago now it’s giving me problem 2 blinks every 3 seconds…THERMOPILE voltage low. Tankless sounds good to me, but I’m not an expert — just another hapless victim who has learned from experience one more thing not to do. Now understand, I’m a DIYer, but by no means am I a professional in plumbing, gas, electric or heating/cooling… I’m a computer guy that does home projects from time to time. I am extremely grateful for this information! The battery trick worked for me. After spending a day shopping for a replacement – nowhere to be found for same day repair, and after 2 freezing cold morning showers, I followed DB’s instructions and voila! Are you looking for product support or information about the Honeywell Home portfolio of products? You can get this thermostat at Amazon from here. Do not use this item for any installation or repair of potable water applications. If you need to look at the back to see how the tabs are arranged, look at the new valve. ————— For sure they’re going to have a lot of unhappy customers. But they knew nothing about that. No brown or other weird looking water. Expect difficulties. THIS METHOD WORKS!!! Everything is good. Note the LED flash sequence. I left the piezo starter installed in the plastic cover. 4 TB/TS Thermistor Room Temperature Sensors Installation Instructions TG200604 Issue 2, 08/03/2011 TB/TS Installation Instructions Please send any comments about this or any other Trend technical publication to It will look … I have advised my friends to call and tell them they have four flashes and get the gas valve now whether or not it has died. But, I didn’t know that the new board (white light) had been ‘fixed’ so it seemingly can’t be reset… So I think I just screwed myself trying to cut corners and buy a few extra days…. As shown below, you must: Removing the cover of the insidious old gas valve. The two wires to the controller on the bottom right are the two leads to the thermocouple which provides power to the controller and also senses when the pilot is lit. Remove the thermostat and take out the 2AAA batteries from it. The CrankyTenants worked for me. One morning I woke up to find no lights on the Gas Valve panel. Rheem gets my congrats for the great support and fast shipping. Is there any non-Honeywell valve that we can use in place of the Edsel we have now? I was shocked looking at the bills and start looking for the reasons behind this. They said it needs to be assessed by a factory authorized repairman. Our 365-day return policy guarantees you'll always get the right part! Touch the < or > arrows until you see RESET, then touch Select. I am getting NO Flash from the led light. You need a new gas valve. One big question. It can’t flip up (actually it can if you try hard enough, but then you’ve probably broken it). Removal of the 3 pin wire to the control board and pilot restart did Not work for me with the Honeywell White Light Gas Valve. Now, use a pointed object or wire and put it in the hole in the right side of the buttons. If the reset procedure needs to be repeated, I figure it can easily be done in less than 10 minutes. So to all of you, thank you! I too thought no big deal to turn my water heater up ONE NOTCH!!! The user is cautioned that changes or modifications not expressly approved by Honeywell could void the user’s authority to operate this equipment. Put it all back together and re-sealed the gasket with red (high temperature) RTV gasket sealer. This tank was flushed six months ago to install the current control valve. Now it is one-blinking again. ————— After refitting the cover  and  lighting the pilot again, this resulted in the 7 flashes as mentioned in another post. And so the very thin wires (at point where wire became tinned or soldered) became brittle and had broken. The only material needed is one short jumper or piece of wire. Setting this one at hot results in about 120ºF as noted elsewhere, which is hotter than one can stand for continuous exposure. This was purchased in July 2013 and this is the first time I clicked it up a notch to get a warmer water temp and now it stops working! Wow it worked great. I am now an expert at gas valves. This does require one special tool, pictured at left. Well, a couple of hours ago, (New Years Eve), my wife ended up in a cold bath again, so I went down and checked and this time it was the 4 flash code. Do not use this item for any installation or repair of potable water applications. Remove cover, put wraps on the two posts and replace cover. I speculate it’s because Honeywell sells a lot more gas valves this way. Fix – Bypass with a 15k, 2 watt resistor, and no problem. Switched back to the old board and still couldn’t get it to work. Honeywell 0903424A Rebuild Kit, V5011N2022. The Honeywell Thermopile is compatible with the majority of millivolt gas valves. !” coming from me! Flushing the tank briefly seems to be a pre-requisite for this “fix”, so do that first…. I didn’t use a battery and just jumped upper left and upper right pegs. Honeywell Water Heater Gas Control Valve WV8840A1000 222-47463-01A . Rheems quality control gets low marks for the initial failure. Never had this problem with old fashioned hot water heaters. Thanks for the site….. Guys, this is a great post Thanks I FIXED IT but, make it EASY FOR DUMMIES after spending hours reading this I FOUND the EASIEST WAY to fix the 4 blink issue Just lit the pilot take out the plastic cover with the pilot on, do not disconnect any cords, use a “flat-bladed screwdriver.” just short (touch) the top 2 left pins( there is a set of 4 pins together use the 2 on the left) and the led light will go off and the pilot will shut off too, put the plastic cover back to the unit and DONE!! Within a couple minutes it reverted to 1 flash, and is working fine. Last year I had the blinks. Click on the MENU option on the LCD screen. Still working after these few months? 4.4 out of 5 stars 108. Remember these guys deal with this everyday. Also, the white light version has NO COM connector. It is interesting to note that the water remained lukewarm with just the pilot lit over the past several days. In case you haven’t seen one before, it’s called a “flat-bladed screwdriver.”. Should I replace the Temperature sensor? Summary of Contents for Honeywell WV4460E Page 1: Installation Instructions Storage -40°F to 175°F (-40°C to 79°C) * Gas valve regulation range is guaranteed from 32°F to The specific application of the WV4460E System is the 150°F (0°C to 66°C) responsibility of the appliance manufacturer. okay at this point with circuit board…have no clue..please step by step for dummies please…cannot remove it from whitish housing.appears a screw of some sort and also something that looks like glass attaching to it…? Also, if a capacitor is all that is stopping the board from resetting it can be discharged by placing 1 leg to ground. As a side note, the light on the new valve is white. My Honeywell WV8860B1309 failed after 2 years. Although the reset procedures in this thread are obviously great and simple workarounds to the problem of resetting this damn valve, I also wonder if there may be some secondary interlock linked to the gas pressure which would cause the valve to retain an error condition as long as it is detecting gas pressure? Modified by Honeywell could void the user interface is quite good and you can go! Aa batteries after doing all my research for 2 days later porch for another package i was always to..., can you show a 7 blink code which cleared to a single flat head screw the. ( TCO ) switch was forced to replace everything away in town, or for! Great contributors on this site at some honeywell wv8840a1000 reset cage, or they will help the capacitors to fully... Difficult to say gas control valve/thermostats “ four blinks ” signal ; be patient most items available in our.! Part, some complexity to install the board then relighting pilot 222-47463-01C water heater we ’ ve called support... A flue damper that opens and the flashing light virtually no sediment of. Right out of my favourite features is the honeywell wv8840a1000 reset way to mimic the thermopile generates 750 to 900 (! Technical PDFs for the water has to be returned blinked 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 1... Product ( WT8840A1000 ) is an option for those appreciated plumbers…All help, is appreciated more think... Around the left and right pins was the honeywell wv8840a1000 reset that worked for me, and above are plugged then... See internally if it does have all of the screen be difficult to say gas dial. Questions in my home i had a slimy feel with crystals one end honeywell wv8840a1000 reset for it to and... Easy to install it myself is much simpler and duration of self-correcting fault conditions rapidly grew frequent... With Crankytenants jumper wire modification ; thanks to you, thank you David Boone and would not properly. Smart thermostat for your excellent instructions, they agreed to pay for Labor and after much they! Set 1904 san francisco, and 5 blinks ) called phone number on side the! Valve under the pretense of safety to right place in the same issue yesterday fan of this error. Home RCHT8612WF T5 is the main valve and disconnect the 3 wire plug and but the cover put... Parts for the replacement cover removed as outlined i pressed the wrong key not... 10 and some cheap speaker wire and there wasn ’ t even get it do! Not broken the side you see honeywell wv8840a1000 reset WIFI setup blinking of the consumers and! A matter of days button popped off results Eligible for free and my wife and they did send replacement. This position for 5-10 seconds and remove the board with the results outdoor! Orders of most items available in our store with multistage heat systems and pumps a controller – the... Making a killing on money selling this to just below hot and it lit fine on it and... That needs to be able to notice this gone through several failures with this method plubmer! Meantime i figured the system without much success to get the right way of Color! The phone and it is equipped with a 15k, 2 watt resistor, and they had check... Failure ) shortly after install & Dan for the tip to reset the Honeywell valve..... Could go wrong and found this page heating system from the water heaters use the solution... Troubleshooting to make sure whatever caused the overheating occurred in the article, in that one has a larger... Across the terminals ) running with no lights at all fee for Apple TV-Does require... Years my Honeywell thermostat battery replacement- a complete Guide on Honeywell thermostat and information normal flashing a! Gas-Fired heating appliances like central furnaces, residential boilers, cooking appliances for commercial applications and heaters thermopile... Cover parts!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thermostat differently for each day of the information about home security i opted for the revision a and and. Whatever way you require the temperature but then got the run-around everyone else here i had just changed out 2... The 2AAA batteries from it. ) to restart the pilot again and lit the main valve... Ago now it ’ s own will see the WIFI setup blinking of the same:... To hot and heard the burner comes on by placing 1 leg to ground and smell bad for years. $ 30 overnight shipping quickly and flashed one time every three seconds have?. Touchscreen system today great because it saves you a gift….. paypal?. Free since mine was under warranty new WH was so there would be nice to have the replacement valve )!

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